Animal and Bird Repellent - Trusted for over 50 years!

D-TER Animal & Bird Repellent

Safe, Proven & Effective

Available in 3 sizes

Designed to repel, not harm

D-TER Animal & Bird Repellent Product Range

D-TER Animal & Bird Repellent is designed to keep animals and birds away from certain areas.

It is a non-toxic, environmentally friendly, and safe way to deter pests without causing harm to them. It can be applied to plants, trees, shrubs and other surfaces using a spray bottle or other applicator.

D-TER Animal and Bird Repellent does not harm the pests, it is just designed to repel. It simply makes the area less appealing to the pests, encouraging them to move on to other areas.


We're trusted for over 50 years!

J. Fell - 04/04/2023

You will be interested to know that seven weeks after the area was sprayed and although 4 inches of rain fell during that period, no dogs fouled the areas sprayed.

R. E. - 27/01/2011

This product works.

J. D. - 05/03/2010

The result was simply miraculous! D-TER has been a great success!

D. M. - 26/11/2008

Thanks for supplying a great product.

D. - 27/11/2006

Despite two periods of rain, the product has given me good protection.

P. Scaife - 23/11/2006

It was amazing! Thank you for producing such a fine product.

S. - 02/09/2006

I have recommended your product to friends in Brisbane and Melbourne.

E. S. Binns - 22/09/2005

I wasted an awful amount of money on products which claimed to work, but none of them did, until I got D-TER.

J. - 31/03/2005

I have found it is my savior and my sanity, I can now grow roses without pesky parrots desiccating them.

D. - 17/02/2005

We would like to thank you very much for the wonderful job D-TER did for us in getting a very persistent mob of bats to move on.

M. G. - 13/09/2004

We have previously used D-TER with terrific results on the wild ducks.

M. Allison - 15/09/2003

Many thanks, it works!

H. Cant - 22/10/2001

I am often asked if D-TER really works, I only need to point to the wondrous display of cascading roses as proof. I would be in despair without D-TER.

J. Gouci - 16/05/2001

We have done trials with D-TER on controlling bandicoots and have found it to be very effective.

M. Cameron - 27/04/2001

The birds did not return to the building again, and it is now 4 months since the spraying was done. I will let you know if they return!

K. Hall - 13/02/2001

The results obtained showed a 100% decrease in goannas raiding the chicken pens.

B. D. Earl - 27/09/1985

D-Ter Animal & Bird Repellent was tried for the first time this year with considerable success.

T. W. Wright - 01/07/1971

This spring we did our first real test of D-TER, and we were very pleased indeed with the result.